Pensacola Marine Surveyor

Pensacola Marine Surveyor

Accredited and Experienced Marine Surveyor

Yates AdamsCaptain Yates Adams is committed to providing quality marine surveying services. He works closely with boat owners and other interested parties to achieve cost effective results.

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A marine surveyor’s experience, an eye for detail and a comprehensive condition report can help keep you safe on the water and can minimize your expenses. Make informed decisions about your current or future vessel. Hire a conscientious surveyor who will take the time to fully investigate the vessel. A good marine surveyor should always catch potential concerns on a vessel. Choose an accredited and experienced marine surveyor.

Even a seasoned boat owner will benefit from fresh, professional eyes aka an accredited marine surveyor, examining their boat. You should have your boat surveyed regularly, especially if you frequently sail offshore or are setting off for an extended cruise. If you are new to cruising, you must have your boat thoroughly checked by an experienced cruising surveyor before embarking. Your safety and big money are at stake.

Marine Surveys: Pre-Purchase and Valuation, Appraisal, Insurance, Damage, Commercial

Usually insurance companies require an up-to-date marine survey every five years. It is an added expense, but also an opportunity to have a professional investigate potential problems with your boat / boat systems. A marine survey often pays for itself in savings – an experienced marine surveyor really does make a difference. Most experienced surveyors are able to find potential issues, even with the most meticulous boat owners.

It is recommended a warranty survey be completed a couple of months before your warranty expires. Any issues found with your boat should be resolved by the manufacturer, and most should be performed at no cost to you. Often manufacturing flaws show up after warranties expire. Inspecting prior to expiration is smart and can save big money in the long run.

If your boat is damaged, it’s important that repairs are made to completely restore the boat to safe operating tolerances. Repair estimates can vary by a lot. Workmanship and materials will vary widely. A qualified damage surveyor can supervise repairs to ensure your boat / vessel is restored safely and correctly.

Sometimes surveys performed for insurance purposes do not fully satisfy the vessel owner, and the boat owner often hires a marine surveyor for an independent analysis. If your boat was uninsured, it is wise to hire a marine surveyor to help mitigate boar repairs.

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